Judith knows that being out in the sun puts her at great risk of skin cancer, so she sews for Albino Peacemakers'. Judith is legally blind,like most people with albinism, and yet she insists on doing each part of the project herself, even threading the needle on the sewing machine.



Mama Gifti

Mama Gifti has 3 children, newborn to 19, and Gifti is 13 years old and has albinism. The proceeds from her work help her feed, clothe, and educate her children. 





Sister Martha

Sister Martha Mganga, the founding director of Albino Peacemakers sewing cooperative has faced discrimination and abuses her whole life for being albino. She works to have money to support a pre-school for children rescued from working in the mines. 





Arafa Mshana is the "mwalimu", teacher, of the group. She uses her small salary to help support her mother and her brother Shabane, who has albinism and is attending university to become a teacher.